Hi, ⁣
I am Kowsalya, an IT Professional turned Digital marketing strategist. I love implementing creative strategies to experiment on Facebook/Instagram ads and Sales funnel. I help businesses skyrocket their SALES and IMPACT online.

Who can I help? ⁣

⁣✨Business owners⁣
✨Online Businesses⁣
✨Local Businesses⁣

How can I help? ⁣

⁣✨I will help you to setup steady flow of leads and sales in your business. ⁣
⁣✨I will help you to scale your webinar/sales funnel. ⁣
⁣✨Exploding your Instagram reach, followers and sales. ⁣
⁣✨I will help you to target your audience via Facebook and Instagram ads. ⁣


Consistently helping  Business to achieve their business objectives  in order to skyrocket their sales and growth online.



To be known for the best  marketing solution provider with the highest customer value satisfaction .


  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Client Value
  • Trust and Respect